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Caroline Shawyer is the founder and managing director of The PR Group

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The 10 commandments of small business PR

Coverage in magazines, newspapers and blogs gives you exposure and word-of-mouth that money can’t buy. It’s attention that’s been earned, not paid for, and people take notice because it’s content they want to read. But if you’ve struggled to get the media interested in talking about your business, it could be that you’ve got your PR strategy wrong.

Top Twitter Tips

1. Listen – use Twitter to monitor what people are saying about your business and sector. 2. Be human – be a person, not just a company, and increase your following. 3. Be interesting – share your thoughts and opinions. Don’t simply bombard your followers with sales or marketing messages. 4. Be active – The… Continue reading Top Twitter Tips

What Twitter can do for your business

Twitter—it’s the latest craze in social media. The micro-blogging site is new, full of promise, and experiencing a popularity explosion. But is Twitter for you, and what opportunities can it offer your business?

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