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If the stereotype is to be believed, Gen Ys are lazy and apathetic – but new research has found that engagement among young workers mirrors that of their older counterparts.

A study from Aon Hewitt, which examined employee engagement at organisations named Best Employers, found that employees of all ages are in search of the same things when it comes to work.

Stephen Hickey of Aon Hewitt said organisations must work hard to keep everyone engaged, regardless of age or job title.

“Our study revealed that among the best employers, which are those with the most engaged employees, not only were employees of all age groups equally engaged, so were groups at all job levels, from people at the front line right through to senior management,” Hickey said.

The benefits of an engaged workforce are easy to see: engaged staff that enjoy their job and the company culture stay in the job longer. As well as reducing turnover and costs of recruiting, this also means greater productivity.

The key to ensuring staff are engaged to their work and the organisation isn’t age, but how well organisations and their managers can connect to staff on an individual level and implement programs and initiatives to keep them engaged.

According to the study, wellness programs have become common. These usually fall into the category of financial education, or health and wellbeing.

“Much of the perceived value of the health and wellbeing programs came from simple examples and gestures of caring,” Hickey said.

Opportunities for career development, as well as delivery on promises made upon employment, were also found to be important across all age groups.

“Ultimately, employees of all ages want to feel valued and supported by their employer. And no what their age, that includes through financial recognition, career development, or programs focused on their financial and personal wellbeing,” Hickey added.


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