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Full-timers leaving 21 days annual leave untaken

Australia’s full-time workforce has accrued 123,510,000 days of annual leave, according to new findings released by Roy Morgan Research.

The research found that each full-timer has an average of just less than 21 days’ leave. Males make up 69 per cent of the total leave owed, averaging 22 days each, while female workers account for are an average 18 days. As pointed out by Roy Morgan Research, men currently account for close to two-thirds of the full-time workforce in Australia.

28 per cent of Australia’s full-time workers have accrued over five weeks’ leave and 11 per cent have accrued between four and five weeks’ leave, despite the fact that those with no leave (9 per cent) and less than four weeks’ leave (41 per cent) makes up half the total full-time workforce.

“With the average full-time leave allowance being four work weeks per annum, this would suggest that people are not taking much time off. Yet contrary to what their leave balances might suggest, our data reveals that Australia’s full-time workers do take holidays. In the last 12 months, 75 per cent went on at least one trip,” Roy Morgan Research Group Account Director Angela Smith said.

“What’s more, 80 per cent are planning to take a trip in the next 12 months. Considering the volume of annual leave between them, this represents a great opportunity for destination marketers and tourism operators to target these people and offer suggestions on how and where to spend their leave!”

Full-timers in Wholesaling were found to have an average 25 days’ leave, while those in Public Administration and Defence, Agriculture and Transport and Storage registered an average of 24 days. Those in construction and communication were found to be more likely to actually use their leave, registering 15 and 16 days of leave respectively.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2014 – March 2015 (n=3,716).


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