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97% of Aussies will access the internet while on holidays

If you are one of the lucky small business owners out there who can afford to holiday around Christmas time, there is a 97 percent chance you will be going online to check email and stay in touch with your business while on away from the office according to a new survey.

Tourism QueenslandAccording to the Broadband Expert study Australians are more likely to go online during their holidays than their British and American counterparts. Broadband Expert ran the same research in the UK and the US where 6 percent and 8 percent respectively said they wouldn’t be accessing the internet while they were away.

The local survey polled 1120 Australian internet users who planned a holiday this summer. A staggering 97 percent claimed they would go online during their break.

“This research contradicts the world-renowned Crocodile Dundee stereotype”, commented Rob Webber, Director for Broadband Expert.

“Instead, it suggests that Australians are high tech travellers who are as comfortable surfing the web as the waves when they are on holidays,” he added.

Mobile Broadband was the most popular option for going online (44 percent), with 25 percent using Wi-Fi through their laptops. 14 percent would be using their mobile and 14 percent would be relaxing with a latte in an internet cafe.

Webber says he is surprised by how many Australians want to access the internet while on holiday.

“The results were the opposite of what we expected,” commented Webber.

“We thought the Americans would be the internet addicts – and presumed the Australians would be focusing on surfing of a different kind!”

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