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It’s no secret that Facebook reigns supreme in the social media world. According to the latest report on social media in Australia, 95% of social media users are on Facebook, compared to 20% using LinkedIn and 15% on Twitter.

The report also reveals that 45% of Aussie users access social sites at least once a day with a decent chunk (17%) checking more than five times a day.

With more than one billion Facebook users competing for posts, likes and shares, it can be difficult to make sure your social content reaches its fullest potential. Social media is 24/7 but if you’re looking to generate maximum impact about your business or event, timing is (almost) everything, especially when it comes to when you post.

When aiming to reach the broadest audience, businesses must consider when your particular target audience is tuned in. This may seem obvious (you wouldn’t call your customers when they’re asleep) but it’s often overlooked.

Australians tend to access social media all throughout the day. In fact, it’s the first thing 37% of users do when they wake up and the last thing many (42%) do before hitting the pillow. The most popular time to check-in on social media, however, seems to be after leaving work for the day, with more than half of Aussie social media fans using social media after 6:30pm.

For businesses, this may mean putting in a few extra hours on weekdays and weekends in order to reach target audiences at the right time. Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all answer and tracking when your potential customers are online may take a bit of trial and error.

Facebook Page Insights can help you keep an eye on the number of likes, shares, and comments each post receives and help you hone in on the best times and days to share your content.

Regardless of when you post, what you post will be what wins or loses ‘likes’. Always remember to keep it new, interesting, relevant and short (or as many of those as possible).

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Sara Altier is the Community Manager at Eventbrite. Sara manages all aspects of Eventbrite’s social media presence. Sara studied Communications at Miami University and loves helping brands and companies effectively find, reach and grow their community (and events are a great way to do that!).

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