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Digital signage technology is soon to change the face of Australian business, as 4 out of 5 brands internationally have already experienced a 33 percent increase in sales using this technology. 

With businesses increasingly adopting all things ‘digital’, digital signage is set to be next. The technology aims to help businesses deliver marketing messages to consumers in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

“We’ve seen how tablets, iPhones and social media, and all these types of technology is impacting our lifestyles in the way that we buy products and it’s a similar thing with digital signage. We can implement a digital screen or video wall or some sort of digital signage technology into a business and it will give the customer a whole different experience to what they would have encountered otherwise,” said Tanya Williams, Business Development Manager, Prendi.

Digital signage allows businesses to combine traditional and digital marketing to deliver marketing messages in a high definition screen, but that’s not the only reason businesses are adopting the technology. Its ability to tie in other digital applications such as mobile, tablets and social media has great consumer appeal.

“The exciting thing is that what you can do with this technology is limited only by your imagination. Businesses that want to lead the way in their industry and really create a wow experience for their customers love the concepts we are presenting to them,” said James Ingram, Managing Director, Prendi.

It doesn’t need to be expensive and can start with one basic screen or video wall. You can then add on touch screens or interactive floor projection, turn your front window into a touch screen and beyond. It is impossible to describe everything we can do as it’s literally unlimited,” he added.

With digital signage technology, businesses are able to connect with their customers in a fun and engaging way, according to Prendi. Retailers, in particular, are expected to gain a lot from using the technology as they are competing with a global online market.

“Particularly in a retail environment we’re finding that a lot of businesses are now competing with a global online market, and they’re finding it difficult to connect with customers and provide a unique experience in store. And a lot of the conversations we’re having with retailers is how they can use this digital signage technology in a way that people can come in and interact with dynamic content,” said Williams.

Whereas traditionally, businesses would print a poster and stick it to the wall to promote a business or special offer, now the same space can be used to provide an engaging and dynamic user experience with a digital screen.

“That same space gives a much greater ROI as you can now promote many messages, special offers, including live news or twitter feeds, promotional video, clocks and best of all you can program to run different content at different times of the day,” said Ingram.

Tasnuva Bindi

Tasnuva Bindi

Tas is a journalist at Dynamic Business. She has a passion for visual and performance arts, feminist politics, and animal rights. In her spare time she likes to paint, write poetry, and read courtroom drama novels.

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