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A dead simple way to green your office

Did you know that commercial lighting can attribute to up to 25 percent of a company’s total energy costs? It can be overwhelming for any business owner considering all the options out there to make your business more energy efficient.

It can also be a challenge justifying the cost to your business to make the switch to energy efficient providers; most business owners would like to install solar energy or LED lighting for the long term savings and environmental impacts, but simply cannot afford the upfront expense of a fit out.

Luckily there is a new way for Australian businesses to save thousands off their electricity bill by switching to energy efficient products without the nasty upfront costs – through leasing. For example, at Lemnis Lighting we are offering our clients a cost effective leasing alternative to the normal LED fit out called the Lemnis Management Solution.

Benefits of switching to LED Lighting

LED lighting enables businesses to produce less carbon emission and save money by using globes that last up to five times longer than standard light globes.

According to our research, a small commercial business like a 24- hour gym with around 150 lights could spend an average of $12,000 per year on lighting – which can be halved by using our LEDs.

A larger venue with over 1,000 lights running for around 15 hours a day could expect to spend as much as $38,000 per year on lighting, and with LEDs this could be reduced by up to 70 per cent.

Regular light bulbs generally last less than a year, meaning regular replacements and maintenance. With LED lighting, each bulb can last up to 25,000 hours meaning less hassle for you and your business and considerable cost savings.

Benefits of an energy efficient leasing plan 

  • NO upfront costs. Most businesses would not have a $30,000 capital budget for upgrading their lighting system. By switching to a leasing plan you can reap the benefits of LED lighting with zero out of pocket expenses.
  • ROI in 18 months, guaranteed. Most businesses will see a total return on investment in as little as 18 months, I would strongly urge any business to consider LED technology as a viable lighting option.
  • Cut your electricity bill in half. The savings will depend on the size and lighting requirements of the business. For example, we have clients that have saved from $10,000 to $100,000 over four years – every business is going to be different.
  • Reduce carbon emission. Their small size and long life expectancy means a reduction of material entering the waste stream.
  • No mercury. No harm. No hassles. We make a bulb as environmentally friendly and safe as it can be, that’s our promise.
  • 100 percent tax deductable. All payments made on a Lemnis Management Solution are 100 per cent tax deductable for your business.
  • No maintenance costs. All maintenance is included in your leasing plan. That means fewer ladders to climb, fewer hardware store trips and no cost of hiring tradesmen to change bulbs.
  • Safe for your staff. With no maintenance needed there are fewer chances for broken glass and work place health and safety issues. Save thousands of dollars in human energy and potential insurance claims.
  • Better quality lighting and power. LED lights last up to five years and give off better, more natural and less harmful light.

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Bart Evers

Bart Evers

Bart Evers is General Manager at Lemnis Lighting. Lemnis Lighting provides LED lighting solutions for commercial, residential and public areas. Lemnis Lighting is the world’s number one selling globe two years in a row and is available in Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia.

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