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Choosing the right daily deals site for your business offer

With over 100 daily deals sites now operating in Australia, it can be hard to decide which site is right for your business’ offer.

These five quick tips will help you to assess which deal site is the right fit.

1. Target Audience

Make sure you choose the deal site that caters to your target audience. Check out the deals that they’re currently featuring; What products/ services are they offering? Are these similar to yours? There are so many sites now that cater to all types of markets, from Mums and Bubs to adrenaline junkies, business owners and food lovers – the last thing you want to do is run an amazing deal that’s not relevant to the deal sites audience.

2. Brand Recognition

Just like any other partnership, you need to make sure that the brand of the deal site conveys the same message and ideas as your own. How are they perceived by your target audience? Do they have a reputable name and easy brand recall? Are they industry leaders or fly-by-the-night operators? Remember brand recognition is crucial.

3. Research the Terms and Conditions

Do your research and shop around – with so many options out there you can’t afford not to. Each site has very different terms and conditions including revenue share, payment terms, refunds and so on. Some of the larger sites have been rumored to drop their commissions from 50 percent down to 15 percent, so it pays to negotiate. This in turn will help with your bottom line and determine if the campaign was a success or not.

4. Customer Service

You need to find a deal site that understands your campaign goals and helps you every step of the way, even after the deal’s been featured. With fierce competition happening in the space, deal sites are now catering to the needs of the merchant more and understand how abusing this relationship can have a detrimental effect on the industry.

5. Find Referrals

Ask your business network if they’ve run deals themselves, as it’s always good to get recommendations from a trusted associate over a pitch-happy sales rep. Ask them how the service was before and after the deal ran, why they chose to run with that site and how their payment terms were. Ask your network if there are any sites that they personally recommend, or more importantly, steer you away from.

With the popularity of daily deal sites continuing steadily in Australia, these five tips should help you build a solid criteria when choosing which site to feature your deal on. Ask the right questions, check the numbers, be aware of all the pros and cons and remember that it pays to do your homework first.

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Paul Serra

Paul Serra

Paul Serra is the CEO &amp; Co-Founder at <a href="http://www.sweetbusinessdeals.com.au">Sweet Business Deals</a> - Australia's first daily deals tracker for business owners, creating an easy way to find the best deals on business products and services.

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