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Your brand is what sells your product. Brand management builds and maintains your brand’s reputation.

Do your brand’s name, logo, and personality all reflect the identity you want to portray to consumers? Successful brand management will help to define and position your brand in the market, making you stand out from competitors and attract consumers.

From your company’s core values to the colour of your packaging, brand management helps your company share its message to potential customers.

So, what makes successful brand management, and why does your company need it?

What is brand management?

Brand management is a business strategy that increases a brand’s perceived value by creating a positive image and strong brand awareness. By defining your brand, delivering on promises, and maintaining positive associations, brand management allows you to build a strong relationship with your target market and sustain loyal customers over time.

Some important factors of brand management include your:

  • Brand name
  • Logo and image
  • Core values
  • Identity and personality
  • Brand awareness.

If done right, brand management will help to increase your brand’s value to customers, as well as their ability to trust your products and willingness to choose you over other brands. This in turn will allow your products and services to increase in value – and in price.

Successful brand management doesn’t happen overnight, and it often takes a little help from professionals such as 40/40 Creative to achieve.

Why do I need brand management?

An ongoing strategy, brand management involves managing both the tangible and intangible factors of your brand with the aim to constantly improve in all areas. The intangible factors include the brand personality, identity, and other characteristics of your brand. Tangible factors include your product or service and its price.

Your branding is what will bring you customers. These customers can easily get your product or service from a competitor, but it’s your brand that (hopefully) will win them over and make them choose you over another business.

Brand management is also crucial for maintaining your brand’s image and tracking performance.

Tips for Good Brand Management

Pick the Perfect Name

Does your brand name clearly reflect the products or services you offer? Choose a name that communicates your message and makes it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for.

Be Present on Social Media

Social media platforms are the perfect way to reach your audience and allow them to find you. They also encourage consumer engagement and present the opportunity for customers to share their positive feedback and create some user-generated content for your brand.

Be Consistent

From the colour of your logo to your brand values and your voice, consumers want consistency. Maintaining consistency will allow your brand to cement its identity and develop a strong relationship with your audience.

Make Your Audience Feel Something

In order to truly connect with your audience, you should evoke an emotional response. Your content might make your potential customers laugh, or it might make them reminiscent of years gone by. Making your audience feel something will make them remember you.


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