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Mastering the 50-10 sprint for the benefit of productivity

It’s impossible to stay focused on work for eight or nine hours straight, which is why one productivity guru is suggesting we all work at mastering the ‘fifty-ten sprint’. It’s the secret to doing more in less time.

I’ve been inspired by Franziska and Christo from small business marketing firm Basic Bananas. Just this week I received an eMail from the pair telling me how to achieve more in less time. This immediately sparked my attention; after all, who doesn’t want to master the skill of doing more in less time?

Franziska and Christo said to be more effective with your time, consider doing what they call ‘fifty-ten sprints’. That is you spend 50 minutes focused solely on your work, followed by a 10-minute break.

As a time management guru I love this advice. It’s a practical tip that absolutely anybody and everybody could and should implement.

Let me expand on this concept a little further: How many of us sit at our desks in the morning and wonder where to start? I’m always telling my clients that the best way to achieve what you need to do in a day is to sit down in the morning and spend your first 10 minutes writing yourself a to-do list. Not a two-page long wish list of things that you would like to do; an actual specific list that orders your real priorities for the day.

When this list is completed, I’ll bet you’ll already feel more focused and in control. Now, let’s extend on this:  Choose one thing from your list and one thing only, and give this item with your full undivided attention for 50 minutes. Don’t let anything distract you, not your eMail pop-up, the phone or a friend wanting a coffee. You can go for coffee – in fifty minutes!

I have seen this concept work time and time again, all you need is some old-fashioned discipline.

Just think what you can achieve in an eight hour day, that consists of eight blocks of 50 minutes of pure, disciplined focus?

I’m totally excited about this and would love to hear how people go.

Until next time!

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Jessica Reid

Jessica Reid

Lady Calamity is a personal organiser with panache and elegance who offers organising and time management solutions with a woman’s touch. Lady Calamity was founded when Jessica Reid saw that many business owners don’t find the time and often don’t have the knowledge to organise their space effectively. She is also passionate about showing people how to separate home and work life by showing them how to best use the time that they have. Jessica has over 9 years’ experience in time management, organising, decluttering and creating clean and professional spaces both for businesses and homes. She has a firm belief that a clear space not only helps you to become more effective and efficient, it also affects your mind space.

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