Export case study: Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley and Philip Cowley on eeni meeni miini moh

Here’s a checklist of inspiration for aspiring exporters. Our collection of 50 favourite export case studies shows that there is no magic ingredient to making it to the world stage, but it certainly helps to get the basics right.

eeni meeni miini moh

Exporting since: 2006

Key markets: Europe, New Zealand, US.

Eeni meeni miini moh may well be Australia’s answer to Armani. Armani Junior, that is. The brand with the name of choice made a breakthrough in 2006 when it was invited to show at Florence’s Pitti Immagine Bimbo, an exclusive childrenswear fashion event showcasing, among other brands, Baby Dior and Versace Junior.

Started by Elizabeth O’Connor-Cowley and her husband Philip Cowley, the company produce ready-to-wear garments for children—newborns to 12 year olds. The neutral tones and fashionable cuts sees the company competing well with higher priced European brands, hence its popularity.

Their success overseas is due in part to their high visibility through the exhibition circuit, showing at trade events around the world. Regular attendance has meant that they maintain contact with key distributors in existing and new markets.

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