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Google’s Business Solutions team can identify the potential of select companies to boost sales through search marketing with tailored campaigns from specialists with industry knowledge.

Chris Demetriou knew that there was a bigger market out there for his vehicle transportation business. The question was, how to reach it? By working with Google’s Business Solutions (GBS) team, the managing director of Vehicle Logistics Australia was able to create an online marketing campaign that, since March this year, has lifted inquiries by 42 percent, and boosted sales by nearly 40 percent over last 12 months.

As markets become more competitive and reaching customers gets harder, small-to-medium businesses are increasingly turning to the web to boost sales. GBS identifies those companies that have a high potential to do so through search marketing. While Google’s AdWords product is available to anyone to sign up to online, the GBS team works with selected companies and introduces dedicated search marketing specialists to help them quickly get the most out of their online activities.

A tailored solution beyond AdWords
GBS worked closely with Demetriou’s staff to help them select appropriate keywords and create advertisements that targeted casual users of vehicle transportation services outside of the company’s core market.

“We found them very professional, and the way they have responded to our requirements has been first class,” Demetriou says. “They were there to understand our business and navigate through the development of the system. I think this is only the start. I have no doubt that we are going to rely more and more on Google to continue to perfect and drive our strategy.”

GBS engages with its clients by first helping them nail down their goals and the cost of reaching them. This includes developing the client’s online strategy and building their account with targets and priorities, then working with them to find appropriate keywords, create their campaigns, and track and measure the impact on their business.

Uncovering new opportunities
For Schot, a Melbourne-based retailer of specialist fine furnishing, fittings and homewares, working with GBS helped it uncover new national sales opportunities that it would have struggled to reach using conventional marketing.

“Traditional advertising is very much like a shotgun; you’re only hoping you reach the target market,” says managing director Neville Schot. “And because our products are so diversified it is hard to advertise all the products on one magazine page.”

He was first convinced of the value of search marketing when his attempt to find a local masseuse using conventional means failed to deliver success. However, a quick Google search turned up a practitioner in the next suburb. “That to me meant that if people are really searching for something specific, the best place to look at is on Google,” he says.

Schot began working with Google late last year. Some analysis revealed that there were certain products that were better suited to be marketed on a national basis through Google, such as marble fireplaces and bathroom vanities. Schot was able to narrow its marketing down to campaigns and keywords that related to these products. These campaigns were especially successful in finding new customers who would otherwise have been difficult to reach.

“Our website attendance has more than doubled because of Google,” Scot says. “Last year our web views were 52,172 over six months. This year already we have had 233,980. And as soon as we put the products on Google, the phone rang twice as much.”

Specific industry knowledge
Australia’s second largest online pharmacy ePharmacy, has also been working with a GBS team. Managing director Brett Clark says he is keen to grow the company’s base of 120,000 online customers through highly-targeted search marketing campaigns with Google. GBS has developed a search marketing strategy tailored to the pharmaceutical industry, creating keywords and phrases that have the potential for a higher return.

Clark says he has been impressed with the knowledge of his marketplace the GBS team has demonstrated, in particular its use of an account manager with experience in the pharmaceuticals sector.

“The pharmaceutical space is a very conservative industry, and dealing with the Google team was a breath of fresh air,” Clark says. “Between Google and ourselves we’ve created an opportunity for something successful.”

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