Small business invited to “Add One More Skill” at Victorian Festival

The Victorian Small Business Festival kicks off on 1 August, promising to celebrate the role of small business in the state with its month long program of dedicated small business events.

The festival’s theme titled ‘Add One More Skill’ will focus on how a small business can boost productivity from owners, managers and staff learning with just one more business skill.

The festival will also provide attendees with the essential inspiration, skills and information to start, build and run a business.

The practical business skill areas covered by 2011 festival events vary from networking to marketing, financial management to online business strategy.

The festival will also focus on Victoria’s retailing industry, and the important contribution that retailers make to Victoria’s economy. After a challenging year in retailing, organisers hope to encourage and reinvigorate retailers with new information, business skill development and motivating business events.

Small Business Victoria is part of the Department of Business and Innovation, and is responsible for coordinating the festival and collaborating with industry groups, educational institutions, private sector organisations and government agencies to stage festival events.

Victoria’s Small Business Festival runs from 1-31 August.

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