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Part-time workers can end the skills shortage

Employers everywhere are talking about the skills shortage and the challenge of finding and retaining staff. So the question must be asked; what about all those talented parents with children at school? Many of these parents are educated, skilled, often have 10 or 20 years of relevant experience, and can work part-time. Is this a wasted workforce?
Part-time work allows a work and family balance that’s beneficial to employers and employees alike. “Smart employers are tapping into this hidden talent pool with excellent results,” says Rhonda Sermon, co-founder of Your Parttime Workforce, a part-time employment website. “These parents, with underused and underestimated skills, are one possible solution to staffing headaches. Should a business have a limited budget yet require experience and expertise, instead of a full-time junior person why not hire an experienced parent part-time?”
Experienced staff often require less supervision and are more likely to value-add, allowing employers additional time to focus on other aspects of their business, explains Sermon. Offering part-time opportunities can dramatically increase the chance of attracting and retaining a reliable and committed resource. Often parents can commit more time to a business as it grows or provide invaluable staff continuity.
Visit www.ypw.com.au for more information about part-time talent online.

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