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Why should small businesses look to outsourcing? There might be savings to be made and profits to be gained if you do.

Nowadays, you will hardly find any large corporation who doesn’t outsource some part of their operation.

However, this is not the case when it comes to small businesses. Many tend to avoid outsourcing as they don’t have the luxurious budgets enjoyed by large corporations, overlooking some of the benefits it can deliver to an organisation.

Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing could be beneficial for you and your business:

Expanding the core business operations

Outsourcing means that you pay a certain amount of fee for an external entity to do a certain job for you. This may not necessarily be such a bad thing: consider the time that you saved by outsourcing as the time available for you to expand your business to a whole new level. The cost of outsourcing will seem small compared to the business potentials that you can now achieve.

Better work quality

No one is good at everything. So when there is something that you’re not great at, you should let the experts do it. Your business will greatly benefit from having a better quality of work done by an external entity.

In addition to this, an agency might be able to do the same job faster and with only a fraction of cost of doing it by yourself.

Lower operational and labour costs

Outsourcing is often more cost effective than handling a certain task by yourself. The cost of hiring another person for a certain task is often quite expensive and presents a certain risk of hiring the wrong person or a person who doesn’t last within the organisation. An increase in the number of the internet user means that you can easily find a reliable agency or freelancer. Especially with seasonal type businesses, you will find it harder to hire someone permanently when the demand for your products or services is very seasonal.

Better work/life balance

Stress in business often comes from tasks which you either find challenging, or those you simple don’t like. Outsourcing will allow you to shift these tasks to someone else who’s not just more willing, but who’s more capable. Chances are, you will find an agency or a freelance who loves the tasks that you hate doing, and are good at them.

With less stress in your life and more time for yourself, you will have found the work/life balance that you have been looking for!

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Oddy Tedjasurja

Oddy Tedjasurja

Oddy Tedjasurja is currently working for WordCentric, a copywriting firm providing unique copy for 25 per page. He holds a Bachelor degree majoring in Marketing and Management from Monash University.

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