BonusTree extends the reach of SMBs

Many SMEs would like to treat their team with perks but for some, paying $15,000 per annum for employee benefit programs might just seem out of the question. BonusTree provides an alternative. 

BonusTree is a community platform where members are provided with fixed perks starting from a fee of $149 per year. There is currently close to 100 benefits available to redeem and they include a large collection of business services such as Eventbrite, 99designs, Optimizely and Zirtual.

Luke Ryan, co-founder of BonusTree said he formed this concept in 2012 after he realised small businesses were unable to offer their employees with the same benefits afforded to employees in large corporations. This is due to the high costs for benefit packages in the market, which effectively rules out the opportunity for small businesses to participate. He found one well-established program charges a minimum of $15,000 per annum. Ryan said “affordability for small businesses and bootstrapping entrepreneurs is a core value of BonusTree.”

“With the amount of independent workers such as freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs predicted to become a majority of employees by 2020 we are building BonusTree to serve this growing community by providing them with the incentives to discover exclusive offers from business and lifestyle brands that will benefit both business owners and their employees,” he continued.

Ryan spent the past four months forming partnerships with brand partners and building out the platform. He also plans later in the year to expand by connecting Australian micro, small business communities in BonusTree’s networking events to share knowledge and provide mentoring opportunities.

After signing up, users can simply browse through a vertical list of benefits and with just a click, you can claim offers or use a code to activate an offer.

For more information visit the site.

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