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Progress update and new Change Request List

For ease of tracking and task completion and to ensure change requests are not falling through the cracks, I have created a changes request blog. Check leftt menu for it.

Progress update:

Categories are uploaded, content is converted and will be pushed up today.

  1.  As discussed with Colin Monday PM, Search Bar has been moved to top menu and menu options have been squeezed up (this took a fair bit of time as it required rewrite of some code rather than changing Style sheet)
  2. Login Options are in the header box where search used to be( please provide guidence on how you want this laid out)
  3. RSS Feeds Headings from SMH and CNET are now in Blue  and text is in Black.
  4. News feed black border top and bottom has been removed as requested
  5. Sub menu grey is now correct

Things still to resolve Tuesday

See change Blog 

What do you think?

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