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Part-time workers seek better balance 3:53pm 16.06.08

A report issued by the Productivity Commission reveals that part-time workers have increased to 29 percent of all jobs, up from 10 percent a decade ago, and most of them do it to balance family commitments.

The report also predicted that the trend will continue will figures showing that for every part-time worker after a full-time role, there are two full-time workers looking for part-time positions.
Spokesperson for the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Scott Barklamb, says the trend works to accommodate changes in society. "It has been a resounding success in facilitating the employment of women, of mothers, and of a more diverse population keen to combine study and work or other life priorities and work."
While overall part-time work increased, the roles created tend to be for lower-skilled work. High skilled part-time positions are difficult to create, which is a problem that needs to be redressed for true work–life balance, says Cath Bowtell of the ACTU.

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