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Never ever introduce more WorkChoices

Prime Minister John Howard denied that the Coalition would take WorkChoices further if re-elected but is backing the controversial industrial relations policy as an election winner.

Channel Seven yesterday lost a battle to publicise the contents of a 2005 draft, which the TV station says provides the blueprint for further reforms. The documents were withheld by Freedom of Information laws when the Government insisted that because the idea had been abandoned, the papers were no longer in the public interest.
"Those sort of documents are not normally released because they're part of the Cabinet process – there's nothing conspiratorial about that,” said Howard. "Let me state very simply and categorically – there is no second wave or further wave of industrial relations reform planned, none whatsoever.”
Labor deputy leader and industrial relations spokesperson Julia Gillard accused the Government of a convenient election cover-up. "The Australian people have a right to know what the Howard Government is hiding," she said.
Campaigning in WA, Howard risked talking up WorkChoices in an attempt to win WA seats, saying the laws will be integrated into workplace culture if the Coalition was re-elected. "They will become part of the furniture, they will become so embedded in our business and workplace culture, that no future Labor government will be able to reverse it," he promised.

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