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Do you have a social media profile for your franchise business but you are not sure how to use it to build your brand?

Social media is a great communication tool which can help you to reach your target customers, create a relationship with them and build their brand awareness. However, using social media effectively for your franchise business involves a lot more than just creating a profile on a social media platform.

Your franchise needs to actively use social media and engage with your target customers to achieve the most benefit for your business.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of social media for your franchise business.

Chose the right platform

Being active on social media isn’t about having a profile on every social media platform available. If you try to juggle too many platforms at once it can be difficult to use them all effectively.

The best idea is to focus on one or two social media platforms and become a confident user before moving on to another.

Start by choosing a social media platform your target customer’s use and begin creating a relationship with them. Once you have a strong community of followers they may be more willing to connect with you on another platform.

You should also consider your objectives for using social media and determine which platform can help you to achieve them.

Engage your target customers

Social media is all about creating conversations and encouraging your customers to communicate with your franchise. Through this communication you can build a relationship with your customers and increase their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Conduct some research into your target audience to find out what they are interested in, what questions they have about your industry and what they are looking for. With this information you can then post relevant content on your social media profile which your target customers may be interested in.

This is a great way to encourage customers to engage with your franchise and provide you with valuable customer feedback.

Customer service

Social media offers another avenue for your franchise to provide exceptional customer service.

This means it’s important to always be polite, friendly and respectful on social media to create a positive relationship with customers.

You can also use this opportunity to offer your customers something special to increase their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. This may include a discount or an exclusive first look at a new product or service.

Building your brand

Communicating with customers on social media is a great way to showcase the expertise of your franchise and build your brand.

Make the most of this opportunity by posting expert articles about your industry, answering customer questions and sharing industry news. Customers may then start to see your franchise as an expert in your industry, which may lead to more sales inquiries.

Include social media in your online marketing strategy

It’s a good idea to include social media in your online marketing strategy as it can help you to maintain consistent branding across all of your online channels.

It can also help you to communicate the same brand message and organise your content across your website, online business directory, social media platforms and more.

Measure success

It’s important to measure the success of your social media activities to understand if they are working effectively.

By measuring social media you’ll discover which activities have achieved the best results and the ones that have been unsuccessful. You can then adjust your strategy to achieve better outcomes.

You can use paid or free social media monitoring services to measure social media or you can develop your own system.

Make the most of social media for your franchise business by implementing these simple tips and increasing your activity on social media. You can then establish a relationship with your target customers and build your brand. 

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Raffael Fernandes

Raffael Fernandes

Raffael Fernandes is Sales Manager at Franchise Business.com.au, the official online business directory of the Franchise Council of Australia, listing franchises and service providers. Owned and operated by Catch, an online division of Reed Business Information Australia, FranchiseBusiness.com.au provides a comprehensive central online source of franchise opportunities and industry updates and news.

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