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Why I use flirtation, seduction and feminine intrigue in business

As a business owner, I have the duty and responsibility to use every technique to get my business where it needs to be. You do, too.

How many salesmen do you know who got golf club memberships to chum up to the right people? How many times have you heard of businessmen taking clients out for a night on the town and incorporating a gentleman’s club as part of the entertainment? Eyebrows are rarely lifted at either of these scenarios, I find, because they’re viewed as mere tactics to advance one’s business interests. Let’s drop the double standard.

If a woman gets a vendor to understand what she needs by being flirtatious rather than forceful or closes a deal because she knows how to make a client feel understood rather than defensive, that does not mean she is weak, trapped by the glass ceiling, or an inferior power broker.

As a business owner, I have both the duty and the responsibility to use every tool in my toolbox to get my business where it needs to be. The well-being of my employees and the health of my company depend on it. For this reason, it does not bother me in the least, nor does it harm my sense of feminism, to use my feminine wiles in any way I see fit. The operative phrase here is “how I see fit.”

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