Who Said Women Have Empathy?

After the decades of participating in training, it has been drilled into me that women usually have greater empathy than men. Females will outstrip men’s ability in putting themselves in a prospects or employees shoes – especially when talking about family issues and challenges.

Well Mr Trainer I now beg to differ, as does one of my friends.

I caught up with a female friend who is an event organiser for one of Australia’s premier event companies. She organises launch events, fundraising, client entertainment and so on for some of Australia’s largest companies. While I may be biased, she does an outstanding job.

Her employer agrees with me! As they have agreed to a flexible employment contract allowing her as a mother of 2 to work 4 days – 3 days in the office and 1 at home. This is the best balance for her. She is wrapped and very appreciative of her company’s flexibility. Her company is wrapped as she is an outstanding employee. And her male clients are happy as their events continue to be outstanding.

But her female clients question her priorities. When I quizzed her more, here is what she shared, “The women are the worst! They show no understanding of my situation nor appreciative of any extra work I do for them.”

I was blown away and she could see how taken back I was when she made such a statement.

Jac explained to me that sometimes on her day off, to help the company and her clients she will do some extra work – emails and the occasional call. But she always prefaces any calls with, “I am working from home today, so you if you hear a baby in the back ground don’t worry. But I may just have help her out for a few minutes.”

She explained to me that 99% of the men she deals with, say “No worries” and even make positive comments about how great it is her employer allows her to juggle work and family. But the women on the other hand!

She was abused by one female national telco marketing manager for having her priorities around the wrong way. Another, suggested that she only call when at the office. And yet another, suggested to her boss that she be replaced by someone who has their priorities in the correct order.

Can you believe it?

I was gob-smacked! In fact still am – hence this blog!

I understand that these women maybe jealous of how lucky Jac is – a great job, excellent boss, and 2 great kids. Actually, who knows why they are jealous but I just can’t think of any other reason why they would be cruel – can you?

Congratulations to Jac and her employer who have established a balance of work and family. Well done to Jac’s employer who trusts her and allows her to do what she does best – organise events. A huge thumbs up for Jac who can fit everything in. A special mention for her male clients who accept her situation and understand. But a double thumbs down to the green-eyed monster females who are making life difficult for someone who has it better than you!

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