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Image credit: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

If the Pandemic has taught Australian businesses anything, it’s the importance of being adaptive.

Businesses that have engaged their customers and embraced bolder thinking and acting, agile ways of working, and fast decision-making are thriving. 

In the year that it has been Australian market leader in leak fix solutions Megasealed, ran an award-nominated marketing campaign in response to COVID-19. 

Learn what they did, how they did it, and why strong marketing is important.

Why is marketing so important? 

A business needs to engage its customers. Marketing is a tool to keep the communication going. A strong marketing campaign will engage customers, both potential and existing. 

Marketing is often the most important when businesses can least afford it. Communicating to customers that services were available and operating in a COVID safe way was vital to Megasealed’s success. 

Jacques Courtin, Managing Director and Founder of Megasealed, said, “Our work as a part of this campaign is even more crucial in light of current COVID-19 outbreaks. We feel confident in our ability to maintain our work as an essential service and support our franchisees at this time.”

As a testament to the power of communication, Megasealed didn’t lose a single franchise despite the economic shocks of the Pandemic. 

Mr Courtin continued: “We are proud to say all our franchisees have survived the pandemic, and our success is evident as we currently undergo the process of onboarding three new franchisees.”

Megasealed’s new campaign

During the height of the Pandemic, Megasealed made the bold decision to invest in a new marketing strategy. In the age of social media ads, the company took a chance and chose high visibility traditional media, including a National TV Campaign, to help to broaden its audience.

“We have been consistent in our focus on innovation and have always had a mentality of boldly taking advantage of opportunities within the market. With this campaign, we took a strategic yet calculated risk to alter our service and marketing strategy, and it paid off tremendously,” said Mr Courtin.

While the company found success in its TV campaign, National Marketing Manager Anna Filippova stressed that parallel social media campaigns shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Ms Filippova said, “At a franchisee level, we have seen great traction in targeted local media investment, supportive social media campaigns to grow and nurture local franchise communities. 

In 2022, Ms Filippova suggests that adaptive business decisions will become even more essential for franchise businesses.

“I believe a digital-first mindset will become even more important over the next few years within the franchise sector by providing necessary and feasible platforms for franchise businesses to showcase their adaptivity and resilience.”

Local marketing

Local area marketing (LAM) has been an essential component of successful franchise marketing for a long time.

It is vital to the growth and success of the franchisee within the community because it generates stronger brand awareness, fosters relationships, and generates crucial leads for franchisees.

Ms Filippova said, “In 2022, l believe a LAM strategy will focus heavily on the optimisation of SEO tactics. It will be about focusing on hyperlocal channels to ensure potential customers receive the right message at the right time from your business, whilst also delivering greater ROI for franchisees.”

A new age for marketing 

Customers are turning online to find the goods and services they want. A marketing strategy that reflects the increased importance of the digital world will be vital to succeed in the coming years.

“Now more than ever, it is important to ask how customers are finding your business, where they are seeking information, and how can you best answer their questions? The answer is predominantly online,” Ms Filippova said. 

Ms Filippova emphasised that online consistency is key. She predicts that in 2022 strong consistency in branding and digital presence across the franchise network and bolstering and optimisation of the digital footprint will be the focus of marketing strategies.  

Ms Filippova said, “Nationally, it has never been more crucial for us to support our franchise network through enhanced digital technologies. In 2022, we are focusing our energies on building a new website with franchise-specific microsites to enhance the digital presence and local SEO optimisation for each of our franchisees.”

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