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The 5 employees every small business needs

It’s critical to make sure each employee fulfills the right role needed for your company’s overall success.

In the past few years, many companies were affected by the less than ideal economic conditions, and many instances, small businesses were hit harder than most. For these companies, the ability to be nimble and quickly adapt to changing economic conditions can be the difference between failure and success. However, there’s an equally important factor that affects the fate of a small business: its employees.

Certainly employees and talent are the backbone of any company, but for small businesses — particularly those with 50 or fewer employees — their role can be even more crucial with right balance of skills and personalities having the ability to make or break a small business. Quite simply, the best business strategy in the world doesn’t mean anything without the right people to execute it. That’s why, more so now than ever, it’s critical to carefully consider every hire and make sure each employee fulfills the right role needed for overall success.

When it comes to staffing your small business, here are the five employee “types” every company should have:

The Mentor: Many small businesses lack the formal training-and-development programs available in larger organisations, but that doesn’t mean that your junior employees shouldn’t have an opportunity to learn on the job. Fortunately, there are certain people who are born to teach — even if it’s not in the traditional classroom. Having a few employees on-hand who genuinely want to share their knowledge with others can take a load off small-business owners’ minds. Not only does it eliminate the extra cost of hiring outside trainers, but it also offers a layer of institutional knowledge that only people on the inside of a company possess.

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