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Tall Emu CRM claimed to ‘put staff out of work’

Tall Emu is not in the business of putting people out of work, but it is claimed that its affordable new CRM system is so good it will actually replace staff – or give businesses the chance to move them on to tasks that better utilise their talents.

Tall Emu CRM claimed to ‘put staff out of work’Rolling productivity, automation, power and flexibility into one package, Tall Emu’s off-the-shelf Total Enterprise CRM can be customised to integrate with existing accounting systems, email, shopping carts, warehouse ordering, PayPal, eWay and other credit card gateways and even social media.

Total Enterprise CRM takes several steps in data management and communication processes and automates them so, for example, orders can be placed, communicated and dispatched with the push of one button. Compare 15 seconds with what would once have been a task for several people to complete. How much more efficient will the business be?

Tall Emu CEO Mike Nash said the Total Enterprise CRM system automated tracking, synchronising and linking between various programs allows businesses to get on with developing, building and maintaining customer relationships.

“We’ve been able to go into businesses and completely overhaul the existing manual paper- or Excel-based processes, creating something that integrates the programs and processes the business uses day to day in an efficient and streamlined way,” Mr Nash explained.

“Total Enterprise CRM is actually much more than a CRM because it has been designed as a complete business automation platform. It operates with anything from storing customer data and feeding information through to QuickBooks or MYOB, to getting information from various sources to quote on a project and doing all the maths for you.

“Everything is automated and streamlined so all that needs to be done is press a button and the information is collated and analysed in one place,” he said.

Total Enterprise CRM’s synchronisation ability means data can be collected from sources within an office, to different states or around the world. Staff  operating remotely on laptops and PDAs can access and update the same information as those in the office – and vice versa.

The beauty of Total Enterprise CRM is that it contains contact management, email, marketing and communication tools in the easy-to-install off-the-self package and can be customised further by Tall Emu or even the customer. This ensures Total Enterprise CRM will capture the data the business wants, in the format needed so the information can be used efficiently.

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