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Mary HendersonThe Geek In High Heels
GeekIT Group

With more than 15 years in sales and marketing, Mary Henderson is an expert in business development and implementing marketing strategies in the IT and digital media spheres.

As CEO and founder of web development company, GeekIT Group, Mary has a passion for technology and the way it can be integrated into the sales and marketing mix. Renowned for her communication skills, infectious energy, and vast knowledge of global online trends, Mary is regularly invited to address Australian communications and IT events and writes regular articles for industry publications, commenting on online strategy and technical trends.

Mary’s blog is designed to help readers gain a better understanding on how they can make money online, from sales and marketing strategies to help them win and retain new customers; to hints and tips on how to build a better website and maximise the value and return from their online investments. 

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The Geek in High Heels

The Geek in High Heels

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