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Richard Branson on how to connect with your customers

The celebrated entrepreneur explains how to use social media to effectively connect with your customers.

In the past few years social media has revolutionised the way businesses interact with customers, making it easier to market new products and maintain a brand’s image. By now it’s clear that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should be an essential part of customer service.

This wasn’t always obvious. Many companies were very cautious and slow to start using social media, putting in place all sorts of guidelines for their employees about what could be said and how to use these channels. My team and I jumped in quickly and started to experiment — over the years we have always pushed each other to be innovative and approachable.

We soon found that these channels were an amazing tool for reaching our customers and the public. One of the first things we learned was that our new social media accounts gave us a real-time view of how we could improve. Through customers’ comments, we started learning about issues with our products and services more quickly than ever before. In response, we set up systems so that a customer who has a question or a problem can get a quick answer from our team.

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