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Make your customer service memorable

If you want to differentiate your customer service, stop trying to be perfect and simply be memorable.

I recently returned from a road trip with my family, and by road trip I mean, five days and 1,400 miles up and down the east coast, with in-laws and two young children in tow.

Yeah, it was exactly as it sounds.

Although the bubbling caldron of personalities and temperaments in the rental van was probably responsible for my sensitivity, I couldn’t help but feel that we were having one poor customer service experience after another, at every restaurant, hotel, and service stop we made.

Generous portions of apathy served with a side of attitude.

Hotel reservations were the worse. Ordinarily during family road trips, we do not make reservations in advance, because we generally never know exactly when or where our travels will take us. We also enjoy the flexibility, freedom, and independence of not being tied to a schedule.

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