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Make corporate blogging painless: Three ways

Drive traffic to your corporate blog and keep the content fresh by seeking these sources for relevant content.

Many organisations find it difficult to keep up with their corporate blog by regularly adding fresh and relevant content. Even though most managers find this process painful, there are a few techniques you can use to scale content generation for a corporate blog.

1. Record your blog on your smartphone during your work commute.

I find that my work commute stimulates idea generation much like taking a shower or watering a garden. Use your smartphone to do a safe hands-free voice recording and release your thoughts for later processing. Think about the latest changes in your industry, company news or the most interesting points during the meetings you attended that day. Sit down later and take notes from your recorded message, and write your post using your own prompts. Allow your mundane commute to free your mind, and you’ll be surprised at what you create!

2. Ask other industry influencers to post on your blog.

There are many blog and forum owners in every industry who are trying to promote their websites and gain new exposure. Reach out to these individuals and offer the opportunity to post regularly on your corporate blog. This will allow them to promote themselves while adding fresh, valuable and relevant content to your website.

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