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‘Groupon’ competition heats up with OurDeal

Groupon clone OurDeal is hoping online group coupon ordering won’t be an ordeal as it tries to replicate the success of Groupon clones Spreets, Ouffer and Jump On It in the Australian market.

Groupon OurDealOurDeal is expanding aggressively into in Melbourne and Adelaide today, building on its Sydney profile. The market for Groupon clones in Australia is fast becoming a crowded one, however there are genuine reasons why more than one can survive in Australia. Being limited to one offer per day per site per city, limits each Groupon clone to 365 offers per year in each city, there is simply too much demand from local businesses to get involved in this sort of group buy marketing for one company to corner the entire market.

Over time there will likely be some rationalisation of the groupon clones in Australia, with each business likely to excel in their own backyard where their head offices are located with their competitors left to pick up the scraps from interstate.

OurDeal pitches itself as “A cost-effective way to attract new customers, OurDeal makes it possible for businesses to offer massive discounts and an avenue to trial products and services among a rapidly growing Australian market.” This is a similar value offering to rivals Spreets, Ouffer and Jump On It, so businesses looking to engage in this kind of marketing are advised to look at all four players in this space and negotiate the best deal given each Groupon clone’s customer reach and margins.

As Julian Holman, Founder & CEO of OurDeal explains “OurDeal makes living the good life accessible to everyone. By offering daily deals at unbeatable prices through the power of group buying, OurDeal places the power back in the hands of savvy consumers to help them get more for their money and experience the best that their city has to offer at astonishingly affordable rates.”

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