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Frendorsed helps harness the wisdom of the crowd with Twitter

A new Sydney based startup is attempting to remove the ʻummsʼ and ʻahhsʼ from our decision-filled world. Enter Frendorsed – a web service which lets your friends either ʻendorseʼ (yae) or ʻrejectʼ (nae) any of your potential purchases.

Frendorsed Startup Camp Sydney

Even better, the idea piggy-backs on two current and major trends: a rise in consumer spending – following a year of economic turmoil – and an increase in the hours people are staring at their devices and gadgets. The merging of the two trends, well, that has fallen on four programmers and an ad-man at the third Startup Camp Sydney.

How does it work? “Pretty much just like in real life when youʼre out shopping with a friend…” remarks seasoned developer Ryan Cross “…except you donʼt always have people with you to make sure what youʼre looking at buying isnʼt considered a bit… passé!”. The service lets punters snap a photo of the wares theyʼre opting to buy, and then, through the magic of technology, sends it out to their friends online to endorse or reject. Each friend gets to cast a vote one way or the other, and the tally dictates the rest.

Combining purchase decision making with social media may be just the beginning for the Frendorsed team. The service is flexible and simple enough that you could use it to get your friendsʼ endorsement (or “frendorsement” as they keep calling it) for almost anything: whether to have sushi for lunch; whether to go on a second date with that guy; even whether to get the night-rider or splash out on a taxi.

Frendorsed has tied itself to microblogging platform Twitter as well as email for the moment, but has plans to connect with your Facebook profile. Meaning, you choose which friendsʼ opinions you want, and even keep score of what you, yourself, have endorsed or rejected for the future.

For more information on this new service visit: www.frendorsed.com

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