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Five tips to help your marketing messages sing

Here’s how to clear out the jargon and communicate clearly about your business.

With attention spans short and competition intense, clear language is essential to help marketing messages sing and spark interest in your business.

As in all relationships, people connect with straightforward and honest communications. In fact, 84 percent of consumers are inclined to trust companies using jargon-free language, according to Joseph Kimble in Writing for Dollars, Writing to Please: The Case for Plain Language in Business, Government, and Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2012). Drawing on my business-writing experience, here are some guidelines for effective marketing descriptions to build your reputation and business:

1. Clarify thoughts. The first step toward understandable language is clear thinking. Before writing any business message, take the time to distill key points about your company. Can you describe your product or service clearly and succinctly? What qualities differentiate your offerings from others in the industry? How will customers benefit? If you can’t reply to these questions without hesitation, focus on developing clear explanations.

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