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Five tips for boomer-friendly retail design

Bring on the boomers. Consider this advice when designing a store where boomers are the customers.

While many retailers are focusing on young, technology savvy shoppers these days, they can’t afford to ignore older baby boomers who account for roughly one in every four consumers and possess much of America’s personal wealth and spending power.

What does that mean when it comes to designing your store? Appealing to this generation of 48 to 66-year-old shoppers takes some finesse. You don’t want to make boomers feel old. Nor do you want to shut out the younger generations. The key is figuring out “those hidden things boomers respond to that everyone benefits from,” says Seanette Corkill a retail design consultant. Here are five strategies to help make your stores boomer-friendly:

1. Adjust your lighting
Getting lighting right is critical for any store and any customer, but it’s especially important for older shoppers. Jenny Wall, owner of Moose Mountain Trading Company, a Steamboat Springs, Colo., store that specialises in women’s sweaters, added spotlights and sconces to the overhead ambient lighting to make sure older shoppers didn’t have to strain their eyes. “The aging eye perceives color differently,” says Corkill. “It tends to see more yellow.”

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