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Customer problems are your opportunities

Don’t ignore your customers’ headaches. Here’s how you can use them to boost business.

Good service is key to retaining your customers. But good service alone won’t stop them from going to the competition. Your customers want someone who understands their goals and challenges. Someone who can help them with the problems they’re facing.

For example, I was asked to speak to a sales team about getting access to key decision makers at various companies. So, I asked for one of these problem accounts and researched the owner. I discovered he was passionate about keeping his business environmentally friendly. Using that information as my purpose for calling, I finally got him on the phone. As he explained the unique environmental programs they were facing, I introduced him to the sales rep that could offer solutions in line with his goals. That introduction resulted in over $50,000 worth of business for the rep by simply identifying how their service helps customers grow their business.

People don’t care how much you know until they see how much you care…about their business.  Forget about what you’re selling and focus on what the customer is selling.

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