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Build a product customers will buy: Five tips

You can’t live without your product – but what about your customers? Five tips to ensure you’re selling something people want.

Where do most entrepreneurs get inspiration for new products? By thinking of items they themselves wish they could buy. This is why there are so many new products directed at new college grads, and relatively few targeted to folks in nursing homes.

Launching a company to create a product you want to buy is a great idea. You’re likely to put your imagination, energy, and passion into it, and you’ll always be more effective at selling something you yourself would willingly pay for.

But you can hit trouble if you make the mistake of building the product to your own specifications. That’s what happened to Eric Warnke and Mark Fossen, founders of the companies Surreal WiFi and Backup Box, both based in Edmonton, Canada. Surreal WiFi is three years old and deploys and manages hotspots in restaurants and businesses at 125 locations throughout Canada. Backup Box allows customers to back up Web servers to services such as Dropbox and (shortly) Google Drive. Launched in March, Backup Box already has more than 2,000 users-and counting-and has helped back up about 6 million files.

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