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Basic social media mistake everyone makes

Why don’t more people “like” your business on Facebook or follow it on Twitter? Simple: Your perspective is all wrong.

You constantly extend your virtual handshake in every possible direction… yet no one embraces it. Very few people follow, connect, or “like” you. Why?  Simple: You’re looking in the wrong mirror.

This is the fourth in my series where I choose a topic, pick someone smarter than me (finding smarter people is turning out to be way easier than my ego prefers), and we trade emails. To find other articles in the series, go herehere, and here.

This time I talked to Shama Kabani, the founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group and the author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing.

Shama’s premise: Most social media marketing efforts fail because, at a fundamental level, people don’t use social media to connect with businesses-or even with each other. People use social media to showcase their own identities.

…to read this article in full, visit leading US small business resource, Inc.

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