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Aussies want better online experience before they shop outside their comfort zone

Before venturing outside of their comfort zones and purchasing from a new category online, Aussies want a better overall experience from online retailers.

  • More than 40% of online shoppers have never purchased appliances, jewellery and hardware online
  • 60% want cheaper shipping and returns if they are to purchase from new categories online
  • 56% want to see more clear and realistic images of the products on the website
  • 69% will purchase from new categories if these improvements are made

New research reveals that up to 60 per cent of online shoppers want a better internet experience, and cheaper delivery and returns if they are to increase their online purchases into new product categories. More than 40% of consumer have never purchased jewellery, hardware or appliances online.

The findings come from a survey of an independent, nationally representative panel of 1021 Australians – who shopped at least three times in the last six months – commissioned by leading parcel delivery service CouriersPlease (CP).

For 60 per cent of survey respondents, shipping and returns need to be cheaper if they are to purchase from product categories they have not purchased before. Over half (56 per cent) said products must be shown more clearly and realistically on the store’s website, while 53 per cent want easier returns.

Shoppers seem to be happy with existing payment processes, with just 17 per cent wanting to see improvements in this service. A quarter of respondents (25 per cent) want better online security upgrades.

It seems dispatch and delivery of goods have improved, with just 67 per cent of respondents happy with the flexible delivery options that are available to them.

If the above improvements are made, two thirds (69 per cent) of Aussies would buy items they have never purchased online before.

What products are consumer buying online the least?

The majority of Aussies (90 per cent) have purchased books, DVDs and stationery online, 83 per cent have purchased technology online, and 77 per cent health and beauty products. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of people have never purchased pets and animal products online. Forty-two (42) per cent have not purchased tools, hardware, motor parts, whitegoods or appliances. Forty-one (41) per cent have never purchased jewellery.

CP’s Head of Commercial and Transformation, Jessica Ip, says: “The findings reveal that consumers are more comfortable purchasing products they can inspect beforehand. As such, retailers will need to continue improving the online store, delivery and returns experience to enable consumers to be confident in their product choice before purchase. We’re pleased at CP that consumers are fairly happy with the flexible delivery options available to them. Even so, we are looking for new ways to continue improving the last-mile experience for them.”

Improvements retailers would need to make for consumers to buy from new categories online Proportion of shoppers who want this improvement
Shipping and returns need to be cheaper 60%
Products needs to be shown more clearly and realistically on the retailer website 56%
Returns need to be easier 53%
Better sizing guides 43%
There needs to be a greater choice online 37%
More flexible delivery options are needed 33%
Online security needs to be improved 25%
Payment processes need to improve 17%


Product categories that Aussies have never purchased from online Percentage of respondents
Pets & Animals 67%
Tools, Hardware & Motor Parts 42%
White goods & Appliances 42%
Jewellery 41%
Homewares & Furniture 34%
Flowers & Hampers 33%
Food & Alcohol 31%
Sports & Hobbies 28%
Fashion 25%
Health & Beauty 23%
Toys 23%
Technology items 17%
Books & DVDs & Stationery 10%
I have purchased all of the above online 5%


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