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ALDI to partner with Planet Ark on carbon labelling

ALDI has announced a partnership with Planet Ark to bring carbon footprint labelling to supermarkets, an Australian first for retailers.

ALDIALDI is the first supermarket chain to commit to the carbon scheme, which is run by the Carbon Trust UK but is being brought to Australia by Planet Ark, who hope to enlist other supermarket chains in the scheme before it starts later this year.

“We are proud to be the first company in Australia to feature the Carbon Reduction Label which not only helps us to improve the efficiency of our business, but also provides customers with important information allowing them to make smarter shopping decisions,” says Tom Daunt, Managing Director Buying, ALDI.

“We believe it makes good business sense to protect and promote the environment in everything we do and the Carbon Reduction Label will help us achieve this.”

ALDI’s new carbon footprint labels will tell consumers the number of grams of carbon emitted through its entire product’s lifecycle, from the farm through to disposal, expressed as grams of carbon per 100 grams or millilitres.

“Independent research conducted for Planet Ark found 60 percent of Australians would be more likely to purchase a product displaying the Carbon Reduction Label and we welcome ALDI to this groundbreaking program,” says Paul Klymenko, Research Director, Planet Ark.

Planet Ark is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to work with business, community groups and individuals to bring about positive and measurable environmental change. By teaming with existing supermarket chains such as ALDI, Planet Ark hopes to increase awareness of environmental issues through the Carbon Trust UK carbon reduction labelling program.

The Carbon Reduction Label is now available in 19 countries with labelled products having annual sales of around AUD4.5 billion.

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