7 smart tricks for using Google Analytics

Most businesses aren’t taking full advantage of free, available website data. Here are a few items you are probably missing.

It’s time once again to focus on metrics: Better analysis and measurement tools can help you get more out of your digital marketing.  You may be using Google Analytics already—but I’m fairly sure you’re not getting everything you could be out of it.

There are a few lesser-known but super-useful features of Google Analytics that I find most businesses aren’t taking advantage of.

First off: Make sure you’re using Google Analytics in the first place. It’s free, for one thing. Too many businesses still fail to analyze their web analytics–but having a tool in place and developing data points for routine analysis should be mandatory for any business.

What Analytics Can Reveal

Most people think that you primarily use web analytics to count traffic to your website and the source of that traffic. While these metrics are important, there are other key pieces of information you can glean if you know what’s available and where to find it.

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