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5 people you need on your social media team

Social media magic isn’t going to happen on its own. Get these people involved, though, and it just might.

How do you put together your social media team? Carefully. You don’t want to wing this one. Team size, scope and primary function may vary by company size, but there are generally four key places where you’ll find your social media team candidates.

1. Your Customer Service People. Customer service is your first (and best) line of offense, defense, and any other “ense.”  Few realise it, but the customer service people have to be the heart of your social media team. If your social media plan involves listening and reacting to the customer (and it better!) then not having customer service people on your social media team is a waste of your team and your customer service goals.

Customer service folks learn more about the customer in one day than most of your employees will learn in a month.

  • Product have a specific problem? They know before anyone.

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