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3 reasons not to hire a publicist

One PR professional I interviewed couldn’t pronounce my company name, or fathom a high-powered woman in finance. Next!

Prior to launching Lexion Capital, I was told over and over again to hire a PR firm. So I dutifully interviewed two firms.

The first was run by “Richard,” who was referred by a friend. Richard presented me with no guarantees, a one-year contract at $60,000, an inability to remember the name of my firm, and surprising questions that showed he was genuinely befuddled by my combination of gender and industry. Next!

The second referral, “Louise,” was a solo entrepreneur herself. Her non-negotiable contract included a demand for $1,500 per-segment “royalties” for three years beyond our six-month contract–meaning that anytime I appeared, was quoted, or had my company featured in any on a network she had placed me on, I was to pay her this “royalty.”

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