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Reviewing the Qantas American Express Discovery credit card

You are either getting something back for purchasing goods and services for your business, or you’re missing a trick. With the Qantas American Express Discovery credit card, you can turn what was previously just an expense into something that rewards you. Today we’ll delve into what this credit card has to offer your business.

Balance Transfers

If you’re carrying a rolling credit card debt, then this card is not for you. As is the case with most, if not all, of American Express’ currently available offers, there is no balance transfer deal to take advantage of. If you want to transfer your business’ debt to a cheaper deal, then I highly recommend Citibank’s Business card, which is currently offering 4 months at 0% for balance transfers.


Business credit cards tend to have comparably high purchase rates. The Qantas Discovery card’s purchase rate of 20.74% p.a. is in line with the typical business card. There is no promotional period either, so you’ll be charged the full purchase interest rate immediately after any transaction. However, there is a useful 44 day interest-free period. If you can pay off your balance in full each month, then you can avoid the interest.

Cash advances, as is the case with any of the credit cards currently listed on MoneyChoices.com.au, are not cheap. This card charges 20.74% p.a. on any cash advances, which include withdrawing cash from an ATM, getting cash back at the checkout, purchasing foreign currency, etc.


It’s all about the rewards with the Qantas Discovery credit card, and with a name like that, it isn’t difficult to guess what program you earn points with. The earn rate is 1 Qantas Frequent Flyer point for every dollar spent with the card. Unlike some other Qantas credit cards, there is no limit on the number of points that you can earn. Currently AmEx are running a sign up bonus of 10,000 QFF points, which is nearly enough to redeem for a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. What’s really good about this card, and what separates it from the vast majority of frequent flyer credit cards, is the fact that there is no annual fee to pay. This means that your points are in effect worth more because there is no annual fee to offset their value.


The Qantas American Express Discovery credit card is an excellent entry-level frequent flyer credit card. There are cards out there with a higher earn rate, but unlike this card they all have a substantial annual fee to pay. If you need to travel for business or leisure, can process a lot of your expenses through the can and pay off your balance in full each month, then this is certainly a card worth looking into.

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Andrew Boyd

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