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What credit card reforms will mean for your cashflow

The laws around how credit cards work have changed. As of 1 July, amendments were made to an important bill - welcome changes for small business owners who are struggling to keep on top of their credit card debt. Here's a look at what they will mean for your cashflow.

Squeezing business benefits from Frequent Flyer Points: How to

It’s nice to enjoy a few perks when you have a successful business, and a Platinum credit card can help you treat yourself to the little luxuries you work so hard for. It is important to consider though, if those treats eat into your profits, especially during a time when every dollar counts.

Three things to know about business credit cards

Business credit cards have their benefits, but it's good to know their downsides as well.

Reviewing the Qantas American Express Discovery credit card

Andrew Boyd takes a look at the business benefits of the Qantas American Express Discovery Credit Card. "With the Qantas American Express Discovery credit card, you can turn what was previously just an expense into something that rewards you."

Personal versus business credit cards

Fred Schebesta weighs up the benefits of using business credit cards over personal cards. "There are a myriad of benefits to having a separate business credit card, and dangers to be aware of which will help remind you to keep your spending separate."

Reviewing the American Express Velocity business card

Andrew Boyd reviews the American Express Velocity card, and looks at what benefits it delivers to businesses.

The tips and traps of business credit cards

Business credit cards are a useful financial tool for both small and large businesses but there are many tips and traps to be aware of.

Reviewing the Citibank Business credit card

Citibank says its business credit card is designed by business, for business and delivers a range of features for managing cashflow, rewarding purchases with points as well as a suite of applications for business travellers. Andrew Boyd of Credit Card Compare looks at the pros and cons of using this credit card in your business.


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Afterpay doubles revenue and partners with Worldpay to go global

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