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Australian businesses to save over $3.2 million in costs

Expense Reduction Analysts Australia, a leading cost-reduction and procurement consultancy, announced today it expects to save Australian clients more than $3.2 million in 2010.

Economic Superhero“Last year was a terrific year for our company with savings of $3.2 million generated for our clients and this year we are expecting to better this,” said Michael Nicholas, Executive Director of Expense Reduction Analysts Australia. “With sales growth at a stand-still for many businesses, our ability to reduce costs has enabled many of our clients to continue to improve profits.”

Expense Reduction Analysts typically finds savings of an average of around 20 per cent in a wide range of general and administrative expenses, including freight, office supplies, telecommunications, information technology, merchant card fees and waste management. If Expense Reduction Analysts finds no savings, there is no fee.

Clients report that costs savings have also helped to retain staff and provided additional funding for investment in new equipment in what has been a difficult trading environment. Expense Reduction Analysts is able to find significant savings opportunities because many of its Consultants have spent their careers in the industries they now review.

Expense Reduction Analysts’ Australian practice includes more than 30 Consultants located across the country. Clients are able to take advantage of their extensive expertise, best practices and industry knowledge – skill sets that most companies are unlikely to justify hiring internally. In addition to industry expertise, Consultants also have access to benchmark pricing data gathered from more than 14,000 successful cost-reduction projects and a proprietary suite of sophisticated RFP analytic tools.

“As companies realise the vital importance of reducing expenses, they turn to Expense Reduction Analysts,” observed Nicholas. “We’ve put over $3.2 million back into Australian businesses without compromise to quality or service!”

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