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Longtail UX co-founder and co-CEO Andreas Dzumla on search engine optimisation and google rankings

Longtail UX co-founder and co-CEO Andreas Dzumla, and Dynamic Business editor Loren Webb

How to actually boost your SEO and Google ranking: Andreas Dzumla

Today on the Dynamic Business Podcast we are excited to bring you an in depth talk on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and what you can do to help yourself in those Google rankings. 

As a small business, it is often hard to compete with the larger players and bigger brands, as it’s impossible to match their budget and spending. However, as Andreas Dzumla explains in this podcast episode, there are a few examples of small businesses turning their SEO right around (to more than a 100% increase in traffic!) and a few key strategies you can employ (as of today!) that will make huge difference to your numbers – both audience wise and revenue wise.

Andreas is the co-founder and co-CEO of Longtail UX, which is a Software as a Service startup. Longtail UX helps businesses to connect their customers to search items in just one click, returning an accurate Return On Investment on SEO and SEM.

Often we find that SEO talk is vague, confusing and rehearsed from multiple blogs saying opposing things. We were happy to interview Andreas as the SEO expert he is, in order to get into the finer details of making SEO work for you; he brings out some simple takeaways that are innovative yet easy-to-follow.

Even the bigger brands fall victim to the simple “unknown” of Search Engine Optimisation. Longtail UX’s recently launched ScoreCard is a free tool which aims to help both large and small businesses figure out the terms their customers are using to search for their product and or service.

Ultimately, if you’re customers can’t find you… that’s not the recipe to success. Part of winning that battle is knowing where to start and understand your customers’ behaviour on Google.

Interestingly, we also talk about the problem of Google “eating the internet” (which everyone will be familiar with), and how you can better connect with your customers (organically) despite the influence of big players like Amazon and Google.

We are sure that this podcast episode will be useful and informative for any small business owner or startup founder, or even a business leader in the marketing space, as it provides a sound and accessible conversation around SEO and SEM.

You can listen to the Dynamic Business podcast here, or on Apple podcasts or Spotify.

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