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Why this entrepreneur believes character outweighs IQ in business

Byline: Jim Penman, the founder of Australia’s largest home-service franchise, Jim’s Group. Change character, and I believe you can change the world. I strongly believe this...

5 reasons businesses fail & how to avoid it

Too often we hear of businesses going bankrupt and startups closing their doors because times are tough. Over 50% of small businesses fail in...

Aussie employees prefer straight talkers

Australians may not be as laid back as the popular stereotype suggests when it comes to their work, a new survey reveals.

The Darwinian approach to business survival

"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." This insight, attributed to Charles Darwin, could easily be the most important business management mantra for the decade - here's why.

Are women more intuitive than men?

Stereotypes about the sexes are as old as the hills, and have little proof. If men and women acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses then leaders of any sex will get ahead.

Three tips for leading your business during a personal crisis

Business lessons from a resilient entrepreneur who fought his way back from a brutal attack.

What to know about Australian vs. American leadership styles

The countries’ two very different leadership styles can be an issue when it comes to doing business with each other. Here’s what to be aware of.

Managers, you need to make friends with authority

The ways we perceive powerful figures in our lives can actually shape our own leadership style. Here are some fresh ways to think about your relationship to authority.

12 sales trends you can’t ignore in 2012

Social, economic and political tensions bring uncertainty, with many businesses wondering what to expect and how to align their sales efforts moving forward. Here's a guide to 12 sales trends that will change how businesses sell and buy.

In the DNA? What it takes to be an extraordinary leader

Executives, leaders, sales people and professionals are all searching for a definitive answer on what constitutes an extraordinary leader. There’s abundant research on this topic and many sets of answers, but finding the ultimate definition isn't that simple.


Why is Australia seeing fewer female CEOs?

Fewer women are running the country’s top 200 ASX-listed companies in 2020 compared to the last four years, according to the Chief...

Coronanomics – What we’ve learnt about the economics of COVID-19

If trade bought prosperity to all corners of the world, then COVID-19 is showing the dark side of an interdependent world.

Should you incorporate an AI strategy into your business?

With both government and companies eagerly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) strategies, we explore how AI could also streamline and scale your business....

‘A 10,000 per cent increase in page views in 2 weeks’: how to scale up in a crisis

As a telehealth provider, Coviu experienced a sudden surge in customer demand during the pandemic. Their website saw a 10,000 per cent...

Unemployment rate drops, defying forecasts

Official ABS figures released today show that the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.8 per cent in August, down from 7.5 per...

Qantas disrupts financial services industry with SME business loans

Qantas will start referring business frequent flyers to lending platform Valiant Finance. This partnership helps Qantas members access working capital, asset finance...

Employees willing to salary sacrifice for flexible working: Research

Research from payroll and HR software solutions provider, Ascender, shows that more than one in three (37 per cent) of Australians are...

Let’s Talk: The Right Reasons

A strong story behind a business's inception can have a powerful effect on customers. Customers may identify with a founder's back story...