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It’s not over ‘til it’s over: Post-event marketing strategies

You planned every detail, solved the last minute glitches and are now basking in the glory of a successful business event – but the work isn’t done yet!

What you do post-event can mean the difference between short term wins and long term results. Here are a few tips for keeping the conversation going after your attendees have headed home.

Follow up – You worked hard to network and generate leads so don’t let them go to waste! Be sure to take a personalised approach and get in touch with all qualified leads within 3-4 business days. Tackling those calls and emails right away will ensure that it doesn’t get forgotten and will be easiest when you and your event are still fresh in attendees’ minds.

Jog their memories – Write a recap for your website or even to submit to a relevant industry blog. No, that doesn’t mean a detailed play-by-play of the event schedule. Think about the standout quotes and insights and use them as a starting point.

Use photos wisely – Use creative captains to get the most out of event photos. Think about the “what” instead of simply the “who.” Did the people in the photo use a memorable line in their presentation? Incorporate some of their insight into your captions to reignite the discussion.

Don’t just repeat – Identify and share your top tweets from the event and challenge a few of the ideas everyone is talking about. Stirring the pot a bit might further the discussion, generate interest among a wider audience and lead to new ideas.

Ask for feedback – No one is in a better position to tell you how things went than the attendees! With a short survey, you can gain new insight on what worked and what needs to be improved. It’s also a great way to round up testimonials ahead of your next event.

You’ve got mail – Follow up to all attendees with an email to say thank you, share important links and keep the ball rolling. You can include a link to your post-event blog, invite attendees to follow your business on social media or sign them up to receive information on future events.

Post-event activity will help you drive more traffic to your website, provide insight on how to improve your event, maintain momentum for future ventures and let everyone who didn’t attend that they missed out!

With the right strategy, you can nurture a community of engaged industry leaders, helping them make the most out of your business event and positioning your company as a thought leader in its field.

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Tamara Mendelsohn

Tamara Mendelsohn

Tamara loves live music events and tech events focused on positive social change. Tamara leads marketing for Eventbrite; focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and branding. She is passionate about spreading the good word for Eventbrite and the magic of bringing people together through events. She is equally obsessed with the power of social media and believes that technology changes everything. Prior to Eventbrite, Tamara was a senior analyst with <a href="http://www.forrester.com"> Forrester Research</a>, an independent technology research and consulting firm. As an expert on eCommerce technology, multichannel retail, and trends in how consumers integrate technology into shopping, Tamara authored research reports and worked with both retailers and technology vendors to help them shape their strategies. She spoke regularly at industry events, sat on the advisory boards of several industry associations, and has been quoted in top newspapers and journals. Tamara is a graduate of <a href="http://mitsloan.mit.edu">MIT Sloan School of Management </a> and received her bachelor's degree in comparative literature and economics from <a href="http://www.wellesley.edu">Wellesley College</a>.

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