Harnessing the power of mobile in 2014

As we close out the year, 2013 sees Australia taking the crown for being the largest smartphone market per capita.

Mobile ownership in Australia has exploded to 84%, outstripping countries like South Korea and the US. But are Australian businesses taking advantage of the consumer mobile revolution to increase productivity and business growth in 2014?

A May 2013 research report commissioned by Canon Business Services, “Make Me Mobile,” found less than 10% of SMBs enable staff to access company information via cloud services on their mobile phones.

The report also found that more than half of Australian SMB employees are unable to access any company information on their mobile phones. So, while more than 40% of SMB employees feel that mobility will make them productive, nearly a third of businesses (31%) feel that they are losing out on business opportunities through ineffective data capture and management on mobile devices.

Now that mobile devices are ubiquitous – there’s no reason SMBs shouldn’t be smart about how they use mobile devices to drive productivity gains in 2014.

By investing in mobile cloud services, mobile printing, imaging services and enterprise mobile apps Aussies businesses can take advantage of the mobile revolution enabling staff to work on-the-go 24/7.

Now that workers need no longer be tied to a desktop to produce results, businesses can capitalise on this opportunity by ensuring secure and dynamic mobile services for staff.

SMBs that are looking to harness the future of activity based working (ABW) should be prepared to provide staff with technical, structural and even emotional support as we enter a new age of working through mobility.

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