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Tracey Bialek, the Ripple Products effect

With her passion for green business and experience in niche product design, marketing and business, Tracey Bialek established Ripple Products to develop a niche product in the growing green business sector.

“I had a real desire to be in a business that was active in the environment sector, but could also create some sort of change. The idea of being an independent woman in business was also quite important to me,” Tracey Bialek explains.This has seen Ripple Products effectively expand from a home-based business into a four-person operation over the past five years.

DB: What risks did you have to take?
TB: I put myself financially on the line, starting with personal savings and selling my car. I think there’s also an emotional and professional risk that you take. Emotionally, working on your own when you first start a business takes a certain type of personality. Professionally, and for me personally, there is a risk attached to having your name associated with a business and launching it yourself.
DB: Is there a downside to being an entrepreneur?
TB: I think trying to find a consistent work/life balance is always a challenge. You do try to do everything you possibly can and I think sometimes you need to say no. There are always going to be opportunities, but you need to be selective about those opportunities you pursue.
DB: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
TB: Make sure you research your particular sector and define your role within your business. In my experience, you can often do too much and that can be quite detrimental.

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