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The entrepreneur bringing brands to life

From London to Sydney, experiential marketing expert, Meredith Cranmer, has directed successful campaigns in both sides of the world.  

After five years in the London office directing campaigns for a variety of international clients including Heineken, Eurostar and Durex, Cranmer relished the opportunity to relocate back to Sydney and establish BEcause Brand Experience in Australia.

Aligned with the UK model, the Australian division of BEcause aims to help brands build value through trial and trust.

“From sampling to immersive events, all of our campaigns are amplified via relevant media channels,” said Cranmer, Business Director and Founder at BEcause Brand Experience Australia.

With a passion for live brand experience, Cranmer practices what she preaches – ensuring positive face-to-face client experience, blogging regularly, using her networks, and keeping on top of social media.

This dedication to her work has seen her UK clients reconnect with her in Australia.

“Now with a global marketplace, a lot of clients that I’ve worked with in the UK, have headed over to sunnier shores in Australia, so I use my networks as much as possible,” said Cranmer.

“We use Twitter and Pinterest to bring to life our work and give our clients a bit of a window into our world.”

One of biggest challenges for Cranmer has been distinguishing the brand from its UK counterpart and making it uniquely Australian.

“It’s important for us to make sure that Australians can connect with the brand. We have a number of Australian case studies for our clients to look at and this thankfully opened a lot of doors for us,” she said.

She also admitted that finding the best talent to represent the company has been difficult.

“We’re a talent-based business, so our product is our people. Making sure we recruit and maintain the best talent is a challenge for us, and I think it’s a challenge for every business really,” said Cranmer.

“It’s important that we recruit people with an entrepreneurial spirit, so we’ve been using psychometric profiling in addition to conventional recruiting methods to really understand where people’s talents lie.”

As a thriving businesswoman, Cranmer’s one piece of advice to other women is to be active and vocal about their achievements.

“Naturally as women, we don’t sell ourselves as much as the males in our lives or the colleagues around us, so stepping up and shouting about our successes whether big and small is important, and our failures as well for that matter because often that’s when you have your learning curve,” said Cranmer.

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